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India Facts And Figures , About India

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India Facts and Figures

Official name: Republic of India
Capital: New Delhi
Area: 3,165,596 sq km
Population: 1,065,070,600 (2004)
Form of Government: Federal Republic
Head of State: President
Head of Government: Prime Minister
GDP per capita (U.S.$): $490 (2002)
Monetary Unit: 1 Indian rupee (Re), consisting of 100 paise
Agriculture: Sugarcane, rice, wheat, tea, cotton, jute, vegetables, melons, sorghum, millet, cashews, coffee, spices, livestock
Mining: Iron ore, coal, bauxite, manganese, mica, dolomite, copper, petroleum, natural gas, chromium, lead, limestone, phosphate rock, zinc, gold, silver
Manufacturing: Textiles, iron and steel, processed agricultural products, machinery, transportation equipment, nonferrous metals, fertilizer, refined petroleum, chemicals, computer software
Major Exports: Gems and jewelry, engineering goods, garments, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cotton yarn and fabrics, leather and leather goods, marine products, iron ore, tea, vegetables and fruit, petroleum products, handmade carpets
Major Imports: Petroleum and petroleum products, nonelectric machinery, precious and semiprecious stones, inorganic chemicals, iron and steel, fertilizers, electrical machinery, resins and plastics
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