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Where to discover verified uncensored community

I have been looking for the REAL  Uncensored Community to join and be able to speak my mind without repercussions, share couple of dirty jokes, or maybe even get involved in unbent political discussion.
After many, many attempts I had to give up, as majority of sites have strict rules that you have to obey, or you will get "banned" and those rules are usually made up by some geek who hasn't seen the world or is too scared to be challenged in a real discussion.
Other sites advertise to be "uncensored" but as soon as you post something controversial your post is deleted without explanation or warning within hours-days.
I got really tired of all this BS and so I said to myself:
Why not create your own site where everyone can speak their mind, regardless of the points of view they have without fear, where people can actually choose ANY topic and discuss it. Where you can truly post anonymously, be that replying to a specific topic or even post a new one.

I am not going to post a link here, I challenge you to visit Google or Yahoo or MSN or even Altavista  and search for : "Off-Topic Community"   the first listing would be our site.
So join the thousands of people, tired of rules and repercussions and enjoy your Internet experience for a change.




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