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#1 2010-01-08 19:07:04

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Hey there

I was just dropping in to say hi and introduce myself! Im a avid computer geek that came upon this forum and hope to become an active member soon! So if you come up with any computer questions feel free to ask. Otherwise see you all on the boards.

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#2 Today 02:09:10

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From: Finland
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Re: Hey there

Hi there all, Im Zoe Hale, if you didnt guess from my username.
Im obvs from Oklahoma, a little tiny town called Bixby.
Hmm.. Something about myself.
I raise and breed praying mantids.
I currently have 3 species of oothecae plural of ootheca, commonly known as egg case.
The species I have right now are Stagmomantis carolina, Miomantis paykulli, and Tenodera sinensis.
Also known as Carolina, Egyptian and Chinese mantids.
I like to keep the Carolina ooth with me at all times, as its about to hatch.

The reason why I joined this forum was basically because I wanted help on making the long, tiered hippie/gypsy skirts, and learn more about todays hippies.
My great aunt Janet and her husband are still total hippies, they live out in the woods in Oregon. They do have a pretty nice, big house out there with a garden thats practically a farm, along with some tame deer that let you hand-feed and pet them.

Well, thats enough about me.
Thanks for letting me join

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