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Experts ONLY!

I can't thank you enough.!

Hi everyone,
My name is Anna
I am student of University of London.
I am studying Finance & Financial Law.
I am seeking professional opinion on several extremely important questions.
Please help me with your advices, but I do need only normal answers please do not waste your time saying:  "Google it!" or providing shitty links with no descriptions.
1.    Does it worth to continue investing into financial education while crisis is alive?
2.    When do you think crisis will be finished?
3.    Shall I learn some new skills from non financial sector?
4.    Is it right time to buy real estate in countries such as Latvia, Ukraine, and Lithuania now?
a.    75 000 EUR is regular price for 2 bedroom flat in Riga city center 1,5 years ago was aprx. 250 000 - 500 000
b.    Same situation in Ukraine and Lithuania
c.    Ukraine and Lithuania are very unstable in political point of view
d.    Latvian lat is artificially world's strongest currency
5.    What types of financial professionals are most needed now?
6.    How can I get a free education online on stock market?
7.    I am looking for free, online, professional financial library with expert's publications.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.
P.S. Sorry for my English, I am not British, yet smile

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