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Into The Setting Sun

by Lara Mia Veronica

The rocking chair was squeaking as Magdalene was knitting. Her withering hands moved swiftly and amazingly she was able to finish a sweater... a beautiful sweater for her grand child... a grandchild that never was.

Pearly drops of tears were forming a pool on the floor. Her heart ached as she remembered the years that quickly passed.


She felt like she was flying as she tried to catch the bus. The next one going to her route would take fifteen minutes to arrive and she was running late.

Almost there, she felt herself smile. She leaped like a gazelle. The people around thought she was weird, but she didn't mind. All was well until a nerdy looking man tried to beat her to the door. They bumped into each other then fought. The bus left them before anyone of them could enter.

"It's your fault," she cried.

"It was did not look at where you were looking."

"You were the one who wasn't looking."

He stared at her for the first time. She was right. He did not look. For if he saw her, he would have even lifted her up the stairs...maybe up to her seat. Maybe he would have claimed her there...and ask her to get married, except he could not do that. He had already two families to feed.

'I do not need to tell her that,' he thought. Her eyebrows met as she watched him staring at her. "I'm.... I’m Lionel Peterson...and you're?" She hesitated for a while then said, "Magdalene Honors." He shook her hand then kissed it. Magdalene wanted to hit him, but wondered why she didn't.

"Why don't we take the next bus and skip going to work today?" He said with his pearly white teeth showing. "Who knows? Maybe it's fate that brought us together."

She didn't know why, but she said yes. They took the next bus going to who knows where, went down three stops and had the grandest time. There was a carnival where they were and they agreed to go there. She won for him a stuffed pig and he won for her a stuffed dog.

They both ate caramel apples and rode all they could ride. They both never felt this way before and they knew it.

A little while later they found themselves inside a motel room and kissing their hearts out. At the peak of their emotions, Lionel stopped.

"I can't do this to you."

"But I'm willing."

"I love you too much to do this."

"If you love me, I needn't worry."

He looked out the window then faced her. With tears in his eyes he told her the truth. His bigamy case and how he fell in love with her the minute he set his eyes on her. He also told her that he never enjoyed a single day before with anybody else...and that he knew in his heart that his love for her was pure.

"Then take me."

"I can't...I'll just bring you...wait here, I'll hail a taxi."

She did what she was told. A little while later the man at the motel registration went to her.

"Your cab is here."

"Where is Lionel?"

"He left, but he has a note for you."

She read the note that said: “I'll love you forever, Magdalene." She also noticed that he signed it.

She hugged the note then thanked the man. With careful steps, she rode the taxi.

She never saw Lionel again, but she never loved another man. Now that she's old and weary, she was alone.

As she was knitting a muffler, the doorbell rung. She stood up, and looked at the peephole.

She opened the door. In front of her was Lionel. He was old like her, but she knew his eyes.

" did you find me?"

"It wasn't easy, but I'm finally free...would you still want me?"

She did not need to answer. She took him in her arms and embraced him hard. Magdalene silently thank the Lord. She wasn't alone anymore. She had someone beside her in her sunset years.



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