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Holiday gift basket ideas for every holiday from Lola Dunkan

Holiday gift baskets are well established in connection to certain holidays.

Christmas holiday gift baskets are widely advertised and given. In the United States, Easter and Thanksgiving holiday gift baskets are also popular. Holiday gift baskets do not have to be reserved for Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, however. These baskets are always appropriate and appreciated. Wine holiday gift baskets are often given as business gifts. Pet holiday gift baskets are pushed by pet stores in the U.S. Baby and corporate holiday gift baskets are also given in some countries. Holiday gift baskets are cheap or expensive, unique or run-of-the-mill. You can usually find one suited to the specific holiday, but if not, you can custom-make holiday gift baskets. Holiday Gift Basket Occasions It would be impossible to list here every holiday of every nation. We will look at just a few that merit holiday gift baskets. 1. New Year's Day: This holiday is celebrated universally. Holiday gift baskets should include items celebrating beginnings.

Think of the word "new" when planning contents of a New Year's Day holiday gift basket. You might also send a sport-oriented gift basket in the U.S., since many football teams play major games that day. 2. Children's Day: Many nations celebrate a holiday for children. Baby holiday gift baskets or gift baskets for older children may be given. Include food treats appropriate to the age, plus a toy, book, or game.

You can avoid sweets by making it a spa basket with "special" shampoos and lotions. If the gifts are for youngsters who love horses, consider equestrian theme holiday gift baskets. Include carrots, apples, and sugar cubes to share with a favorite horse. Add a book about horses. 3. Mother's Day/Father's Day: These holidays are also common to many nations. Holiday gift basket ideas for these should honor the mother or father. This is a time for custom-made baskets, showing your thoughtfulness in selecting treats and gifts the recipient is known to like. 4. Grandparents' Day: Grandma and Grandpa holiday gift baskets are appropriate for holidays such as the United States' Grandparents' Day. Give heart healthy holiday gift baskets.

A healthy basket might include dried blueberries and bananas, smoked salmon, nut snacks, and Irish oatmeal. Add tickets to an event they would enjoy together, sporting or other. 5. Independence Day: Here is another holiday gift basket occasion. Most countries have a day on which they celebrate the nation's beginnings. For example, "Canada Day" would be a great time for Canada holiday gift baskets. "The Fourth of July" is a good time for U.S. holiday gift baskets. In Japan, "Kenkoku Kinenbi" is a time for Japan holiday gift baskets.

Be sure you include national flags in your holiday gift baskets. Something bubbly that can pop a cork would also be appropriate. If legal where you live, add a few small fireworks for celebration. 6. Memorial Day: Nations often set aside a day to commemorate those who died in their country's service. Holiday gift baskets are a thoughtful way to thank those who lost loved ones in a war. 7. Labor Day: Here is another holiday that is celebrated around the world. With its roots in Australia, Labor Day can be a time for unexpected holiday gift baskets. Theme the contents to labor, perhaps "sturdy" foods and treats. Helpful Tip Remember to add cards to your holiday gift baskets – and choose durable baskets so they will remain as souvenirs long after their contents are gone.


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